My NVIDIA GTX 750Ti adventure to date

As I am finally getting a NVIDIA GTX 1060, I thought it would be nice to reflect on the 750 Ti that I have been using in my PC build for the last 2 years.

I have a home built i5-4690K, 16GB ram and a 2GB GTX 750Ti. Full setup detailed here.  I bought the GPU when it first came out as a nice way of getting back into PC gaming on a budget. This has been an excellent card, and I would still recommend it for someone giving life into an ageing PC build. I believe you can now get a 950 for the same price, so this might be a better suggestion. I have not tried one, this is only about my own experience with the 750ti.

So I decided to run some game benchmarks and record them with Nvidia’s own ShadowPlay utility. To give some perspective, I mostly used the games default and set the resolution to 1080, as it the resolution of my monitor. In Arkham City, an older title I used a lower resolution as it had problems with 1080, but I also enabled Physx in that one.

What’s very impressive is how well this 750Ti card runs newer titles such as Doom and The Witcher 3.

Before anyone also weighs in on this, the PC is also used as a proper PC. So I have services, backups ,Hyper-V, background processes, tasks etc happening as I am playing and benchmarking. So this is a well used PC. I am not doing a clean install of windows etc and have no intention of doing that, just for 2-3 frames more.

EDIT: YouTube sucks, you will need to change the video quality to 1080 manually. You can also click into the video to launch it on YouTube. I have had no end of problems with embed in WordPress. It previews fine, but well, meh …

Street Fighter V

Basically if you cannot match 60fps the game is unplayable. This is to ensure a level playing field for everyone. Medium setting is the best one to go with here for this card.


If you set the default graphics to high, then this happens. Note, the reason its slow is that the game renders all the frames. It does not drop frames.

Crysis 3

This game really struggles on High. I probably can knock it down a notch. I only include it here as I own it on the EA Origin access vault, which is great value at a fiver a month.


The Witcher 3

Witcher 3 plays really well. It also looks better than the Xbox One version, which I have played more of this year than I ever have with an RPG, ever. It’s a great game.

Witcher 3

Arkham City

City is a little different in that the optimal resolution chosen is the only one that gives a decent watchable frame rate. This game is getting a remaster as well, so later this year it will be interesting to see if makes a big change. I personally love the Batman Arkham series, but this and Asylum are the only games that seem to have made the move to PC unscathed. ArkhamCity

Just Cause 3

A new title as well, this one really struggles with frame rate and effects. I think, like Crysis 3 that this will benefit the most from a new Graphics card.


Need for Speed (2016)

Need for Speed

This game plays great, some of these titles such as Rivals are very challenging on PC hardware.


The new Doom (2016) plays very well on this card considering its age. Doom seems to ignore MSI afterburner for benchmarking. But handily enough it comes with its own internal benchmarking tool.


Apologies for the prompt in some of the gameplay, there was weird glitch where the E button was not cancelling the info.

Synthetic Benchmarks


To complete this , I will add a few synthetic benchmarks from popular benchmarking products. I am using the free version in all cases. I cannot bring myself to actually pay for any one of these products, as my day-to-day job or hobby does not cater for this.

3Dmark11 – Free

This is still used as a test in a lot of performance testing. Honestly, I don’t know what it means, but ill keep this logged anyway for comparison purposes when I get a new card.

Since I am using the free version it only benchmarks at 720.

3Dmark11 basic

3Dmark – DX12 Version

Available on Steam.

Timespy, the DirectX 12 demo and benchmark moves at PowerPoint speed.

TimeSpy Dx12


Audio fades in and out on games in Windows 8.1, Fix

Hey All,

Steam is doing some great sales on games at the moment, and as I am on the road a lot and like to unwind with games, I decided to grab Batman Arkham City game of the year edition from Steam for 7 Euro. I have not played some of the additional content on my Xbox, so this price was a steal. Take note Xbox live Games on “Demand”. 70 Euro for Need for Speed electronic download, I think not.

Anyway, I digress.

I started playing on my laptop and the most annoying thing happened.

The sound fades in and out. Some background sounds only become audible when you move through the menus, or you are listening to dialog.

I thought it was the drivers, so I updated the Conexant driver, check this out for an installer, remind you of anything 🙂

aaa what

The 1990’s called, they want their installer software back.

This however did not solve the problem. So I decided to do the following.

1. Playback devices

In the system tray, right click the little speaker, and Select Playback devices.

On your playback setup of choice, in my case select the Simple to recognise “Speakers”. Click “Configure Speakers”.

2. Configure speakers

Click Next.

3. Click Next

Now, the next part might be different for people, depending on whether you have a 2 speaker and Subwoofer setup, or just twin speakers like me, you might have to fiddle a bit. I just selected front and left. Again, your mileage may vary. If you have 2 speakers, or 2 speakers and a subwoofer, make sure you have Surround sound not selected.

4. click front left and right

Click Next, and finish.

5. click finish

I fired up Batman: Arkham City and immediately the problem had vanished.

Back to business.


Cutover Migration error ADCDisabledMail – Office 365

I normally post non work related things here, as this blog is my own and not the thoughts or musing of my company, Unity Technology Solutions here in Ireland. But as we are proud of getting Microsoft Ireland Cloud Partner of the Year in Enterprise I want to share some of the findings from the field on Office 365 Migrations. Some stuff you can miss when you are doing migrations.

If you are doing a cutover migration from Exchange 2003/2007 for under 1000 users there are a few things you need to check first.

All users that need to be migrated over need to be visible in the GAL. All users. I had a scare recently on a site when I checked Exchange and AD against windows azure AD on the Office 365 portal. Not all the users I expected to be there in the batch were there, so I had to make sure they were not hidden in the Global Address List (GAL).

However I had a few accounts that were failing to sync still. So here are some thoughts to help you with the horrible error.

"ProvisioningFailedException: Couldn’t find object ADCDisabIedMaiI. Please make sure that it was spelled correctly or specify a different object".


One fix for this is related to the following technet article, which gives a good description as to why this can happen.

So with that bit of knowledge, there are a number of things you want to watch out for if this is in error. Either a delegate on the Mailbox is disabled , hidden from the GAL or has the mailbox deleted, or there is a forwarding address to a contact that is Hidden from the GAL.

Go to "Active Directory Users and Computers" and find the account in error.

Right Click the Account and select "Properties".

Click "Exchange General".


Then Click on "Delivery Options".


Note the users on the "Grant this Permission to:" section and check to see if they are Disabled, Deleted or hidden from the GAL. Remember, if a user is hidden from the GAL the cutover migration cannot "see" it, and this can cause errors during the migration process.

Don’t leave this screen yet. Note that there is a forward to address on this mailbox as well. Well you might think, that is ok, they want their message forwarded. But you need to check the mailbox or contact of the forwarding address, even if it is forwarded externally. Why? Well again, if that object is hidden from the GAL…. I think you get the picture !


In this case the user has set up a forwarder to their phone and it is placed as a contact in exchange. So, look for that contact in "Active Directory Users and Computers".

Click on "Exchange Advanced".



A-ha. We have found another culprit that will cause us sync problems. The contact will not be synced so Office 365 will have a problem resolving it. Un check "Hide from Exchange Address lists" and click "OK".

So in Summary, before Cutover Migration from Exchange, make sure all users you want to be cutover are visible in the GAL. Make sure there are no mailbox delegates that are hidden from the GAL or deleted. And perform the same effort on Contacts to make sure any forwarding rules do not create an error. If you do this before cutover things should go smoothly.

Other references:

Cut-Cover Migration: Couldn’t find object "ADCDisabledMail" for some users

ADCDisabledMail error when doing a cutover migration