I need to get this off my mind

As David Allen pushes up to get things out of our head and into a bucket, I feel this has to come out in case it gives me a headache.

I might take a moment here to make a statement, instead of following around every thread on this topic reminding us humans living on a tiny fragile ball in the cosmos together to have some manners.

So, yea, I get it, Ireland is a ball of shite, we have b(w)ankers running blah, and we have homeless and a crippled social care system and ya de ya de ya. Let’s park this away for a moment, file it off as you will as “our problem”. Just for the moment while I get this off my mind.

You know something, being connected to the world using technology and watching this whole crisis unfold, and the terrible way it’s being thrown around in the press, plus my understanding my history of war, all I can say is this. For the last week I have been happy waking up in a country where I have food and some militant assholes are not trying to kill me and my family. I am happy to have a future. A place to go and things to do.

I don’t have to leave Ireland in fear of the Catholic Church and Irish water for what I said about them on social media. I don’t have to hide in a boat and travel across the ocean and hope that I am taken in to a continent that is suspicious of terrorism because some of my race bear terrorist trimmings. There is no drought here forcing millions of us into Dublin looking for food and work. Our country is not becoming a dry, arid, smouldering ruin.

And let it be a stark reminder to us, on 9/11, that war can find you anywhere, and the agents of war never rest. Never. So let us pause and think for a moment. When world war 3 comes here for us, to our door, and we are sitting in our modern homes in Ireland and we, or we and our children/family/friends need to leave, because all that is on the streets now is death, what will be pack into our backpack, and where will we go. And will we be welcomed there with open arms, because we will never be able to go back.

So we are welcoming 4,000 refugees to Ireland, not migrants, refugees, note the use of the correct term. They are fleeing a hell we see on our screens but shudder to try and imagine. I hope they find a place they can call home here, and maybe many of them can help us getting around to fixing that I filed away at the beginning of this little rant as “our problem”.