You CAN Take pictures on Windows Phone 8 using the Instagram Beta App

A beta app for Instagram, a photo sharing service that I honestly have no interest in, was launched today. Also we got some more apps, whatever. As usual, the “Tech Press”, instead of downloading the app and checking it out, stumbled over themselves for the privilege of “FIRST”.

So then, over an hour on twitter, it was in the store, it was not in the store, who was doing the press release, and then the best one’s:

  • You cannot take pictures with the App, only select from Camera Roll.
  • No video uploading.

etc…. I wont point to the articles or the individuals here, I would not give them the traffic. You can surmise who they are. 

So here are a few hints from me to the tech press/pundits.

Practice better attention to detail. Please.

And here is my hint of the week, and, the solution to the problem.

Go to this link and install the Instagram Beta app for Windows Phone 8.

Let it install. Then Swipe right from the Home Screen and find it
wp_ss_20131120_0002 wp_ss_20131120_0003
Hold down your finger on this and select Pin to start. That way you will find it easier to get to.  

As I don’t have an account , this will be a good test of the App to see how long it takes to set up and If I get any errors.

Create Username. Pick a picture that best describes me.
hide email wp_ss_20131120_0006

Choose to not annoy my facebook friends. Choose to be sure not to annoy my facebook friends.
wp_ss_20131120_0007 wp_ss_20131120_0008
Choose to not annoy my contacts. Choose to be sure not to annoy my contacts.
wp_ss_20131120_0009 wp_ss_20131120_0010
Ignore every Follow button. Ignore finding my facebook friends, again.
wp_ss_20131120_0011 wp_ss_20131120_0012

Ok, in all fairness to the App, that was a pretty clear and straightforward process, right, took me ~15 mins and that was even including the time it took to pull down the app over my crappy broadband connection.

Also I made a cup of tea, and made this comment on twitter.


Poor @joebelfiore, he has a good day and everyone rains on his parade.

Lets take a look around at this UI and then get to the taking pictures bit shall we.

Photos of cats and shoes, fine. I have not liked any photos of cats and shoes. Fine.
wp_ss_20131120_0013 wp_ss_20131120_0014
Its my profile, all looks right there. And hitting search brings up the search interface so I can find cats and shoes. Fine.
wp_ss_20131120_0015 wp_ss_20131120_0016

So now, lets contribute something great to the stream that is instagram. I will upload a picture of my winner of the “Gaudiest present you can bring back to your wife from England” award as my first post to Instagram.


this button

Obvious what to press, cool, because we will be doing this a few times.

Pick the Duck. And follow the instructions.
select button wp_ss_20131120_0019
Filters More filters Yawn Caption and we are done.
wp_ss_20131120_0020 wp_ss_20131120_0021 wp_ss_20131120_0022 wp_ss_20131120_0023

Now lets take a picture, with the camera, on my phone.

Remember when we selected our pictures, well now we just press the Camera button.

look a camera button

Take a lovely picture. Mangle it. Upload it.
wp_ss_20131120_0024 wp_ss_20131120_0025 wp_ss_20131120_0027

So there we go. We signed up and proved that we can actually upload pictures from the Camera on the phone to Instagram, something that I am pretty sure we were always able to do, on 3rd party apps, but did not care.

Any, I am now TheMasterPrawn on Instagram. (*sigh*), the things I do for you.


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