Home Server and XBOX Video Issues – Network

Hey all, long time no hear.

I am just posting a little fix to a problem I had with the XBOX, my wireless network and windows home server. I install a large number of computers through re-builds, tests , multiple OS’s , virtual machines and other things. these are mainly windows boxes and are prone to being removed, re-instated, tested , broken etc. All of them get added to windows home server at some point for file access, backup, and so I can administer them from the internet.

Recently I bought a new XBOX and when I went to stream media to it, there was no sign of the Videos share. Anywhere. At all.

Generally I normally re-boot the router, renew IP addresses, etc. No Joy.

I had forgotten. Windows Home Server has a 10 user limit. I had reached this. Even though the machines no longer exist it remembered. Oddly enough it does not tell you this.

So if you have this problem , please consult this knowledgebase article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/939217

Extract from the KB

This issue occurs if more than 10 devices try to access the shared media folder through Media Library Sharing.
Media Library Sharing in Windows Home Server has a 10-device limit. You may experience a situation in which this limit is exceeded. For example, another user may connect to the network by using a computer that is running Windows Media Player 11. If Windows Media Player has media discovery enabled, this computer may be counted as a device in Windows Home Server.

Generally you need to un share and re-share the media. Then re-boot the receiving device. Personally I had to re-boot everything , including the NetGear router in the house as well.