Terminator Salvation

Its very easy sum up this film in one word. Terrible-inator. Or something.

First, the place, I paid 20 Euro for the VIP section of Dundrum Cinema. For the extra money I got a bigger chair miles away from the screen, but high enough that no ones head got in my way. I don’t thing the overall experience was that good. I found the staff at the “bar” a bit unpleasant, and the section itself was nothing special, just a bit of spare space they could not figure out what to do with. I had a glass of wine.

Halfway through the film I was wishing for the whole bottle. This is an awful film. it could not be any worse. It was directed by someone who cant even be bothered get a full name. At the intro credits, or whatever you call them they had to show the name of the film twice, just in case I had paid for the wrong ticket. The cyborg dude was the only good actor, barely. Every one in the film delivered the cornball dialogue as if they were reading from a teleprompter and could not wait to get to the bar, or their bed, or back to the batcave. If they cant be bothered act then you cannot be bothered watch. The terminators were the same recycled unconvincing models from the other films. No new additions apart from the ones you see in the trailer. If you have seen the trailer you have seen the whole film really. I personally could not have given 2 shites about the ending, boring , predictable. There is no emotional development of the characters, even in a usual cornball American movie sacrifice scene there was a sense of “whatever, die already so I can continue delivering bad dialogue”.

Robots are cool,but the only cool thing about this film was the trailer I saw for Transformers before it.

SkyNet is nothing more than a stupid advanced toaster and the humans are a whiny bunch of generic angst ridden stereotype 101’s. If the machine was so smart then it would have just nuked the whole planet totally. And then done it again every so often. Not this elaborate crap of fate and cyborgs and things. There is more radiation in this film than you could shake a uranium stick at and it seem radiation poisoning is a thing of the past. Sure, all this would never have made a good film but then again taking that attitude with story would have prevented this piece of shit from ever being made.

By the way, cinemas, I do not like sitting through 20 mins of ads that are on TV. I don’t watch much TV for the same reason. I paid for my ticket. Show me film trailers , entertainment, I paid already to get in the last time I checked , so you can shove your ad’s. I think people should start to go looking for a manager when crap like this happens. I did before a few years back in Galway and got a really snotty retort from some little jacked up shit. I think we should do it en masse.

Please , giant robots smashing stuff, that all I want from Transformers. Roll on release.